Environmental Improvement Projects from Caroway

Caroway Contractors are specialists in environmental improvement works, from town centre improvement schemes to sustainable development projects. It is an area of construction work that we are particularly proud to be involved with over the last 30 years, as we have helped transform neglected urban spaces into useable, accessible public assets.

Improvements to Urban Environments

We work closely with local authorities and the public sector to reclaim, restore and regenerate urban spaces for residents and businesses. Our work includes highly visible, high traffic projects such as pedestrian area paving and landscaping, footbridges, access and car parking areas.

Rural Environmental Improvements

Through our civil engineering expertise, we have completed many rural environmental improvement projects, from land drainage to road repairs to local community improvements such as car parks and vehicle access.

All our environmental improvement projects are subject to an environmental impact assessment, and are carefully managed to ensure minimal impact on the environment with maximum benefits for the stakeholders, be they residents or local authorities.

Whether new build construction or redevelopment, trust Caroway to deliver significant environmental improvements with a high quality finish, and due regard for those affected throughout the build period.