Gate and Fence Ironmongery from Caroway

Caroway Contractors stock a comprehensive range of ironmongery, including gate latches, bolts, gate fixings and hinges, so you can choose the optimum opening and closing methods for your gates. Secure and long-lasting, our high grade galvanised gate accessories are perfect for garden gates, entrance gates, farm gates, equestrian gates and driveway gates.

We’ve only room for a small selection on this page, so feel free to call us or email us with your requirements. And if you need a gate, see our Wooden Gatespage!

Large Drop Bolt 18″Keep pairs of gates firmly secured into the ground with these easy slide, super-straight metal drop bolts.

Ring Latch 7″A traditional design for latching a garden gate – elegant, simple, effective and available in a variety of finishes.

Brenton Padbolt 8″When security is important, simply slide the bolt, drop the end down over the end loop and padlock into place.

Cabin Hook 8″Quick and easy to operate, for lightweight gates and shed doors.

Cranked Hook & Band 12″ (18″ Adjustable)A strong and secure way to hang a gate, expandable if required.

Auto Gate Latch (Medium and Large)Perfect for garden gates for families with dogs or young children. Easy for adults to open, and push shut with just one hand. Place at the top of a 4′ gate to prevent toddlers escaping too!

Complete Field Gates Hinge SetThese hinges mean business – tough, all-weather hinges for heavy farm or entrance gates that offer years of smooth as silk service.

Spring LatchThe latch of choice for equestrian properties and horse field gates – riders can operate this latch easily from horseback. Also perfect for field gates, path gates, pedestrian gates beside cattle grids, and even entrance gates as they hold the gate firmly closed.

Tee Hinge 18″A traditional style gate hinge that just works, so why change it!

Suffolk LatchSimple, one touch operation for fence gates, side gates, and internal and external doors where security is not an issue.

LoopoverFed up with pairs of entrance gates that lean in opposite directions or don’t meet at the middle? Bring them back together with this metal loopover; simple, strong, remarkably effective.

Hasp & Staple 7″Keep gates, barn doors, stores, feed room, tack rooms and stables secure with this traditional hasp and staple in ultra-tough steel. Secure with a rust-free quality padlock (not included).